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Moose-taken Identity's Journal

15th September, 2006. 8:14 am. Why I love the Guardian

The Guardian has an article about Tony Blair's plan to establish a school of government. They say:

The proud slogan of the John F. Kennedy School of Government is "Preparing leaders for service to democratic societies, contribution to the solution of public problems". In helping leaders to prepare for service, Mr Blair has many lessons to draw from. Lesson number one: avoid making political deals in north London Italian restaurants; lesson two, avoid putting a confrontational former tabloid reporter in charge of press relations; lesson three, avoid becoming too close to rightwing US presidents. And so on.

What I love about this is not just that it's funny, but also that it's in the main article on the front page.

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5th February, 2006. 9:56 am. At last, the 1998 show

I exercised my first Google stock options. During the blackout period the price zoomed up and down: up to $470 at one point, a precipitous fall in the Yahoo/DOJ week (changing the company's market cap by more than the total market cap of GM), a huge fall because sales only went up 86% over the last year, and then settling down a little below their price at the start of the blackout period. In the end, I exercised only part of my current options, so if the price goes down more, I won't feel bad about not exercising any of them at all, and if it goes up, then I still have more options to use. At last, the dog can get his new bed...

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5th February, 2006. 9:54 am.

I finished Qwyzzle. By the last 20 or so clues, I was bored by it, not because they were easy, but just because it was "oh, another pun/encoding/multi-level Google clue/problem than can be solved by a search algorithm." Perhaps I rushed through it too quickly.

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30th November, 2005. 10:33 am. Partying like it's... oh, never mind.

I had been intending to write something like thisCollapse )
But then this happenedCollapse )

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18th November, 2005. 9:58 am.

The last couple of evenings when I've been walking home, the Moon has looked huge. Perhaps it's going to crash into the Earth and we'll all have to go and live in glass domes on rocks in the asteroid belt with robot dogs called DI-LAN and scientists with bald heads.

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23rd October, 2005. 2:14 pm.

Two authentic LA experiences this weekend. The first was watching a TV show on Friday (Numb3rs, a show which has a mathematician as a central character who actually talks and acts like a mathematician (well, except the details of the maths)) and gradually realizing that it was filmed in and around a house two streets over from ours, on the Venice canals.

The second was a large THUMP yesterday afternoon. "Damn neighbours," I said, then turned on the radio to hear the announcer report a magnitude 3.1 earthquake nearby. There was another one a few hours later, which was more intense here, though slightly weaker at the epicenter.

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19th September, 2005. 4:06 pm. Is everyone at Google drunk?

I rather liked the following statement, from a Business Week article:
After the ruling [Kai-Fu Lee] praised Google, noting, "the culture is very supportive, collaborative, innovative, and Internet-like -- and that's bottoms-up innovation rather than top-down direction."

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27th August, 2005. 8:57 pm.

Today I saw a man cycling down the road with a small iguana (or a similar reptile) on top of his head. This is one of many reasons why I like living in Venice.

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9th August, 2005. 6:38 pm.

I was woken at around 5 o'clock this morning by a loud thump as if something had fallen on the roof or a door had slammed in another room. It was only later in the day that I discovered what it was. It was the sonic boom from the space shuttle heading into Edwards Air Force Base.

Somehow, this seems very cool.

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2nd August, 2005. 10:51 am. Cambridge gallery

This link got posted on metafilter, and I thought it might appeal to my Cambridge friends. It's a gallery of incredibly beautiful photos of Cambridge, taken in low light conditions.

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