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I've been having some fun the last few days playing flash-based point and click games. These are the sort of things where you explore a space, collecting and combining objects, solving puzzles and so on. Many of them take the form of escaping from a locked room. There's an excellent annotated list of these games at Quite a few suffer from poor user interfaces, for example requiring you to find an unmarked region of a pixels and click on it, or from apparently arbitrary actions with the objects you find. The best are very good: so far, my top recommendations are the submachine series, and MOTAS, both of which have a good UI and challenging but solvable puzzles. You'll find links to these on the jayisgames page. Although not really part of the same genre, roomz ( is also good. It might appeal to the kind of people who were doing qwyzzle a year or so back.

I've never written anything using flash, and I'm tempted to use this genre as a reason to try doing so. The best games have good artwork and clever plotting, neither of which I can emulate, though it shouldn't be too hard to knock something together. The cost of the Adobe Flash studio is outrageous, though there are some cheaper alternatives if you don't mind getting an older version of flash.
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